Air Malta and NAS host local cargo agents

Air Malta and NAS host local cargo agents

Aug 03, 2016: Following the announcement earlier this year of the appointment of Network Airline Services (NAS), a global leader in the field, as Air Malta's Total Cargo Management (TCM) service provider, both companies organised a get-together for local cargo agents, forwarders and shippers.

Present for this evening were Air Malta's Chairperson, Maria Micallef, and Acting Chief Executive, Joseph Galea. Together with John Vella, Head of Cargo Sales and Marketing, and John Gilfeather, Sales Director, NAS, who together with the rest of the NAS Malta Team took the opportunity to discuss business opportunities with the local cargo operators.

The event was well received by the local cargo community and provided an opportunity for the airline's management and NAS to discuss matters of mutual interest and find new ways to continue assisting the cargo operators.

Through the agreement with NAS, Air Malta aims to re-group its cargo business, re-establish itself in the market place, and increase distribution channels whilst building a sound platform for possible future growth of its cargo business as an important revenue contributor to the airline through freighter hub operations, multimodal transportation, e-commerce, door-to-door products and more.

Air Malta's cargo services is vital to the success of the Maltese business community as it offers a strategic link between the Maltese Islands, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and indeed beyond through Interline agreements with partner airlines. This gives the islands a unique opportunity to transport freight either transiting through or originating from Malta.

Air Malta carries a sizeable amount of cargo each year ranging from valuables, perishable consignments including fresh fish/tuna to live animals, pharmaceuticals and microelectronics including special cargo consignments. The department is also responsible for the carriage of mail to and from Malta and offers courier services including warehousing facilities.

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