DHL eyes drone deliveries in Africa

DHL eyes drone deliveries in Africa

Aug 30, 2016: Accessing remote parts of Africa would become easier with the introduction of a drone delivery service, believes DHL International.

Drone delivery service is currently on a trial run in Europe and other parts of the world.

Drone, which is simply an unmanned aircraft, can be pre-programmed to carry out certain actions at certain places, sometimes in areas which are not easily accessible.

DHL hopes drone delivery service in Africa would increase efficiency and convenience.

Zimbabwe is planning to deploy drones to monitor wildlife in its national parks and to curb poaching of elephants, rhinos and other species.

South Africa is already using the service to fight rhino poaching.

In Malawi, drones are currently being used to solve the logistical challenge of swift delivery of HIV/AIDS care in rural areas in the Southern African country’s rural areas.

DHL has also widened its operations in Zimbabwe to over 100 retail shops in 2016, from about 30 last year.

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