Perishables: Creating Africa's future logistics grid

Whether it is tangerines from South Africa or chilli peppers from Ghana, rose stems from Kenya or strawberries from Ethiopia, the transportation of perishable commodities require the most efficient supply chain, not only in terms of technological know-how and temperature control but also in terms of timely delivery, in order to respond rapidly to market needs.

Heralding the growth opportunities in Africa’s perishables trade, the Perishables Logistics Africa conference, organised by the Logistics Update Africa, aims at addressing the latest trends in temperature-controlled logistics, and tackling pressing issues related to trade barriers, infrastructure and distribution involved in the process of perishables transportation.

The Perishables Logistics Africa conference, to be held on November 23 2017 in Nairobi, will open dialogue and facilitate sharing of ideas, knowledge and practical solutions to improve perishables’ supply chain performance

Who Will Attend

  • Growers & Breeders
  • Industry policy makers
  • Consolidators
  • Retailers
  • Flower Auctioneers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Ground Handlers
  • Packaging Companies

Why Attend

Our aim is to make this conference a platform where the industry puts their heads together to identify and solve the problems faced not only by the growers; but by the industry at large, where issues pertaining to policy and regulation, insurance, investment, the safety and the quality of the cargo are discussed extensively.

  • Access to influential industry professionals
  • Internal and external networking opportunities
  • Unique marketing and brand exposure
  • Opportunity to make valuable contacts and increase sales
  • Be involved in setting policies