Air France-KLM Cargo opens a new cargo handling facility at JFK airport

Air France-KLM Cargo opens a new cargo handling facility at JFK airport

July 20, 2016: Air France - KLM Cargo, Franco Dutch airline venture, has opened a new state of the art cargo handling facility at New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport.

This new facility was designed to accommodate handling all types of cargo, from specific attention cargo like pharmaceutical or live animals to express cargo requiring quick transit and of course general cargo.

The new facility offers split cool chain enclosures, 2-8°C with storage capability of 72 cubic metres, and 15-25°C storage capability of 108 cubic metres. There will also be ten Active container charging points and a bank strong room offering top level security for your precious cargo.

For the transportation of live animals, physically sharing a building with The ARK at JFK is mutually beneficial. The ARK will open in the fall but will offer previously unseen levels of service and care for all types of live animals providing boarding, kennels, quarantine, import, export and transportation of large and small animals.

For General Cargo operations, very strong essential technology is utilised. This carefully selected option allows the AF-KL Cargo facility to continue to work through power outages and without risk of mechanical breakdowns. A ULD ‘roll-through’ option allows super-fast acceptance and processing of Unit Load Devices for all shipments.

A new Express acceptance door will ensure drivers are served immediately supporting the significant continuing surge in e-commerce that carriers have experienced during the past two years.

The efficiency to serve our customers will greatly improve also due 50 percent more truck dock doors and ample space for 53 feet trailers to maneuver, dock and park on the landside area of building 78.

The staff parking is physically separated from the truck area and there will be no pedestrians crossing the truck maneuver area, an important safety aspect.

Andy Newbold, regional director for AFKLMP Cargo, stated, “Together with the North East Commercial and Customer Service teams, we will be able to ensure that the unique features of our new facility will exceed the expectations of our customers.”

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