Continental Tire West Africa opens first distribution warehouse in Ghana

Continental Tire West Africa opens first distribution warehouse in Ghana

Aug 01, 2016: Continental Tire, leading international tyre company, officially opened its first warehouse for West Africa on July 20 in Ghana. The new facility in the Tema Harbour will help to provide superior products and service to the West African market.

The new facility will allow ease of access and increased capacity for quick and efficient distribution.

Tyres will be supplied via plants in Europe, South Africa, Malaysia, and America, to only mention the main supplying areas.

The Tema warehouse will be seen as the distribution hub for Ghana and surrounding countries, where smaller volumes are required.

As a part of Bolloré Africa Logistics, the warehousing facility situated in Tema is part of the organisations top-quality bonded logistics platforms situated a few kilometres from the port terminal. Bolloré Africa logistics in Ghana provides over 90,000m² of warehouses and storage areas.

"The capacity of the facility allows us the opportunity and flexibility to expand as the market dictates", says Johann Liebenberg, market manager Continental Tire West Africa.

"We expect delivery within 24-48 hours in Ghana and also a significant reduction in time to service the rest of the West African countries," says Liebenberg.

The opening of the warehouse follows on the successful launch of the company's new legal entity Continental Tire West Africa (CTWA) on April 20, 2016.

CTWA believes that the market holds enormous potential for all its brands including the fast growing General Tire range.

"We wish to have our products close at hand and we will keep stock for the PLT, TT and CST segments of the market," adds Liebenberg.

"This is an integral part of the success of our legal entity the premier levels of service we wish to offer."

The West African market is estimated to be in the region of over 8 million potential tyres in 2016, growing to over 12 million in 2025. CTWA ambitiously wishes to target a fair share of this market.

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