DP World chairman meets President of Ghana

DP World chairman meets President of Ghana

October 4, 2017: Partnership and cooperation on the development of infrastructure and transport connections will enable Ghana and other western African nations to develop their economies according to DP World Group chairman and CEO, S Ahmed Bin Sulayem.

Discussions with the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, on a tour of West Africa recently centered on cooperation in customs technology, port operations, freezone development, rail transport and inland container depots as ways to develop trade and support businesses aiming to reach international markets.

Bin Sulayem highlighted Ghana’s recent agreement with Dubai’s Customs World to supply customs clearing services in the country as an example of making processes more efficient, lowering costs for ports and transport providers and enabling more efficient trade flows.

Customs World acquired West Blue Ghana Ltd in September to provide a national single window and risk management system and will invest in new technologies and training in customs digital platforms as they do in other countries worldwide. The implementation of the new systems will be based on a robust risk engine that will improve efficiency in the country’s ports and customs operations and increase government’s revenue and reduce the cost of doing business at the ports.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, said, “Integrating ports, customs, and freezones in Ghana will benefit the country enormously, enabling business to trade faster and more efficiently than ever before. Dubai is a model for the world and we can support developing nations such as Ghana in the long term implementation of such strategies as the recent agreement with Customs World demonstrates. Ghana’s ports and customs systems can make it a regional trade transport and logistics hub and a leader on the continent.”

“Trade and not just aid is one of the key action points African nations have raised and development of infrastructure and transport connectivity will help considerably. Trade is a gateway to development and regional cooperation through public private partnerships and will benefit all. Africa is in a unique position in that it has the chance to trade with an untapped market – itself. Countries such as Ghana can help make this ambition a reality given its access to the sea and the fact that 90 percent of trade in Africa is along its coastline,” he added

A report by DP World on Africa with the Economist Intelligence Unit said that the impact of trade facilitation on trade flows and costs is real with an estimate that on average a 10 percent increase in a country’s trade facilitation performance can lead to an increase in trade flows and an 8.3 percent reduction in trade costs.

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