April 11, 2018: UAE-based third party logistics provider RSA Global has acquired a majority stake in Meesan Logistics, whereby both companies will develop their joint expansion plans in the Indian market.

The strategic partnership between the two companies takes effect immediately.

The two entities look forward to enhancing the entire range of logistics solutions currently offered in India, including contract logistics, freight, road transportation, and on-site logistics. In addition, RSA Global’s clients stand to gain greater access to key markets across India.

The first steps of implementation will see an upgrade in technology and health, safety, security and quality (HSSEQ) standards.

This collaboration will offer long-term growth for both companies’ customers in the Indian market by combining local expertise and innovation from Meesan with a wealth of skilled labour, capital, rich experience in supply chain operations and first-rate technology offered by RSA Global.

India has recently introduced the Unified Tax Regime (GST), which is expected to simplify the distribution network by creating a business environment that allows for smaller warehouses to merge into centralized regional hubs. Furthermore, the new regulations will create a favourable climate for high-scale results from process optimisation, to support the Indian market’s moves towards advanced third-party logistics services.

Abhishek Ajay Shah, co-founder and Group CEO, RSA Global, said, “As of today, this strategic partnership now provides services in eight Indian cities and will offer global reach to our Indian customers. In addition, our Middle East & African customers will have greater, more seamless exposure to the Indian market. India is a key location for RSA Global, as it serves as a hub between Asia and the Middle East, and it plays a vital role in global logistics. Given that the regulatory framework in India is rapidly changing, supply chain infrastructure is undergoing a transformation, and we are proud that our technological innovation and skilled workforce can support this important evolution.”

Gaurav Saluja, CEO, Meesan Logistics India, said, “RSA Global embodies our core values focused on maintaining the highest standards of customer service and loyalty, performance development and environmental sustainability, as well as aligning with our vision for global expansion. We are confident that our alliance with RSA Global will support the operations and growth of our customers through bespoke and scalable solutions that will serve the breadth of India, and beyond.”

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