June 5, 2019: ACL Airshop announced the launch of its mobile app called FindMyULD at the Air Cargo Europe trade show in Munich. The company made live real-time demonstrations of the app, which is specifically designed to enhance data requirements of the air cargo industry.

ACL Airshop's ULD management services like location, status accuracy, barcoding, Bluetooth scanning and tracking are all pulled together in its trademarked FindMyULD app.

Jos Jacobsen, chief technology officer and managing director-Europe and Global Leasing, said: "We want to keep enhancing the customer experience, these innovations are made for our customers. Streamlining and accelerating the traditional ULD management experience is our goal. This technology-driven approach lets us advance our leasing model beyond the cumbersome pooling model, for example, and offer outright better value through efficiency across our global network for our 200-plus airlines customers. This tailored and uncomplicated approach lets the airline keep its own assets, not clumped into a giant amorphous pile of ULDs scattered around."

The real-time ULD Control reporting capability is augmented with Bluetooth tracking, and ACL Airshop's three global operations centres serving all time zones from Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and New York form the digital nervous system for their offerings.

"FindMyULD now even further redefines the meaning of fast, accurate customer service. We measure our responsiveness to customers in minutes or hours, not the more-typical days or weeks that bulkier, sluggish business models present. Plus, we have a huge inventory of ULDs strategically placed around our large network of world hubs, and indeed we are growing that network every year," added Jacobsen.

Wes Tucker, executive vice president of ACL Airshop said "That was our 'Ah-Ha Moment.' Suddenly, as we keep rolling out ULD tags and readers in an ever-growing Internet of Things, we can help airlines achieve the speed, service, and accuracy that their shippers and other end-customers expect in the high-speed world of E-Commerce. Or as we now call it, M-Commerce. The M stands for Mobile."

ACL Airshop owns, leases, and deploys over 50,000 ULDs, more than most major airlines. It has manufacturing resources and industry partners for various cargo control products in the US, Germany, China, and Taiwan, including an ultramodern new manufacturing centre in South Carolina USA (grand opening announced recently).

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