September 17, 2021: Air France KLM Martinair (AFKLMP) Cargo and Total Touch Cargo Holland BV (TTC) entered into a partnership within the framework of the airline’s sustainable aviation fuel programme. Under the partnership, AFKLMP Cargo will use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on selected cargo flights from Nairobi - Kenya to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, carrying TTC’s fresh agricultural and horticultural products.

Bénédicte Duval, vice president Africa at AFKLMP Cargo, welcomed Total Touch Cargo CEO and owner Harry van der Plas at the AFKLMP Cargo headquarters at Schiphol to sign the formal documents. The agreement includes a fixed annual investment from Total Touch Cargo that will allow AFKLMP Cargo to further expand development and procurement of SAF. TTC’s contribution will be used to cover the cost differential between conventional aircraft fuel and SAF.

Total Touch Cargo specialises in the air transport of fresh flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit and fish from Nairobi to Amsterdam on a daily basis. The company has been playing an instrumental role in developing the cold chain industry from Kenya. To guarantee faultless quality control, Total Touch Cargo has its own airside-based warehousing and cold storage facilities, in a joint venture with Kenya Airways, at the Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi.

We have been transporting TTC’s fresh products since 1995. On average, Total Touch Cargo ships around 350 tonnes a week from Kenya throughout the year.

Pier Luigi Vigada, director Eastern & Southern Africa at AFKLMP Cargo, said, “We are delighted that a professional company like Total Touch Cargo and its visionary CEO Harry van der Plas have teamed up with us. Total Touch Cargo is the first Freight Forwarding agent in Africa to commit to our SAF programme. Its vision on sustainability and enthusiasm about our programme form part of a clear path to make the airfreight industry for daily commodities, a cleaner and more sustainable one.”

Van der Plas, stated, “The SAF programme fits in perfectly with our vision and drive to be a first-mover in relation to innovative industry developments, as well as maintaining a focused strategy to be a distinguished service provider with top-quality airlines and long-term relationships to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.”

The AFKLMP Cargo SAF programme enables different stakeholders in the logistical airfreight industry to power a percentage of their flights with SAF. Customers determine their own level of engagement and we ensure that their entire investment is used for sourcing SAF. By participating in our programme, our customers not only reduce their carbon footprint, but confirm their commitment to leading the industry towards a more sustainable future. Only with the support of all stakeholders can we successfully develop a more viable market for SAF.

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