August 17, 2020: The African Airlines Association's (AFRAA) 52nd Annual General Assembly & Summit (AGA) will take place in virtual format from November 9 -10. It was decided considering the developments on Covid-19 pandemic across Africa and the globe at large.

TAAG Angola Airlines and the host stakeholders in the Republic of Angola will be pleased to physically host the AGA in its 53rd sitting in 2021 at a time when the situation will be more conducive for a conventional conference.

A release from the association read, "AFRAA continues to support the industry in the restart and journey to recovery. We remain united with all our members, partners and industry stakeholders during these unprecedented times. We look forward to your participation at an exciting virtual edition of the AFRAA AGA in November 2020."

Recently, AFRAA has launched an interactive capacity-sharing portal for African airlines as part of initiatives and efforts for the industry restart and recovery from the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic. The portal, which is powered by ACC Aviation Group, gives airlines a platform to share capacity and increases daily utilisation of aircraft.

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