Apr 18, 2017: Flysafair airline pilot was forced to remove passenger after alleged racist threats were made on a flight boarding for departure Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

The incident was captured on video and posted widely on social media with people commending the pilot and other passengers for the decision taken.

The man had allegedly insulted another passenger by abusing and threatening him, the man even did a racial comment and later passenger complaint about the entire incident to the pilot.

The footage shows other passengers informing the pilot of the incident after he was alerted by the pilot.

One of the passengers said to the pilot, "Sir, you are legally obligated to keep us safe. I do not feel safe going into the air with this kind of aggression."

Others confirmed the story and the pilot asked the man to disembark resulting in a loud applause by the passengers.

According to the media reports, the FlySafair confirmed the incident and expressed readiness to co-operate with an investigation by authorities as required.

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