May 09, 2020: Agility has launched Global Response Aid (GRA), a Dubai-based company established to procure certified diagnostic, testing, and protective products and offer services such as a contact-tracing app and mobile testing used in the detection, treatment, and prevention of Covid-19.

GRA-sourced products include top-quality ventilators, thermal detection equipment, thermometers, masks, goggles, protective suits, cleaning and sanitation supplies, and new point-of-care test kits that can take the pressure off hospital emergency rooms. Meanwhile, GRA is partnering with AINanoLab to build an innovative, low-cost ventilator for Covid-19 patients, with a goal to produce 10,000 by June 2020.

GRA works directly with trusted manufacturers around the world to source safe, effective products for governments, health authorities, and public institutions; frontline medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics; non-government organizations involved in the Covid-19 fight; and companies looking to safeguard their workers and workplaces.

A mobile phone app developed by GRA helps stop the spread of the virus through community-driven contact tracing and alerts. The app offers users the ability to record, time stamp, and geo-reference test results.

GRA also is deploying Mobile Diagnostic Testing Vehicles and trained teams that can perform Covid-19 testing safely on site at schools and workplaces.

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