Air Partner's Cargo division, a full-service logistics provider, partnered with EgyptAir to transport 49 tonnes of humanitarian aid, including medicine, to the people in Gaza in early June. The aviation services group, founded in 1961, used a single charter flight—an A330-200F—to complete this operation.

EgyptAir's freighter flight departed from Dubai and arrived in Al Arish, Egypt, delivering essential relief and humanitarian aid supplies to the region. According to an official statement from the company, the aid was initially transported to Egypt and then further distributed to Gaza due to the closure of borders resulting from the ongoing conflict.

The release mentioned, "Operating from international airports allowed for any potential issues regarding permit and traffic rights to be easily organised before the mission." So, Air Partner coordinated with a local agency and freight forwarder in the UAE for a successful on-time delivery. It mentioned that the only challenge presented was that given that the cargo shipment contained medicine, there needed to be a temperature control onboard, ensuring the contents were transported in a temperature range between +15 and +25 degrees Celsius.

Commenting on this cargo operation, Pierre Van Der Stichele, VP of Global Cargo, Air Partner, said, "Air Partner's decades of expertise in the handling of urgent, sensitive, and lifesaving cargo has made our team a crucial part of relief efforts all over the globe. I am proud of our team's ongoing commitment to carefully and efficiently transporting humanitarian aid with a level of speed and agility that our partners can trust."

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