CargoStack from Wiremind Cargo offers four clear differences to the conventional Cargo Management Systems (CMS).

"First and foremost is its user interface (UI). The look and feel of a system is no longer something which is nice to have," says Guillaume de Montecler, Senior Product Manager, Wiremind Cargo. "It has become a must-have if you want to retain talent. CargoStack offers the best UI in the market."

Secondly, CargoStack offers a unique capacity management approach with the company's flagship SkyPallet module embedded inside. Thirdly, the data science capabilities embedded in CargoStack directly help increase the airline's revenues.

"With its proven AI expertise, Wiremind Cargo offers dynamic pricing and overbooking forecast, and is working on its revenue management engine to be released soon."

Fourthly, connectivity. "All our architecture is API-centric, which means every single data point belongs to a dedicated API. This enables fast and efficient interface connections to any system and was something we identified as a unique selling point from the beginning of the design process," says de Montecler.

Nathanaël de Tarade, Chief Executive Officer, Wiremind Cargo, adds: "Modern SaaS development is a game changer when it comes to implementing new systems as it significantly simplifies the process for airlines. The amount of resources required to start a project, nowadays, is far less than what it used to be just ten years ago. The same applies to enhancing the systems. We are no longer bound to static tools. Instead, we now work in 4-week development cycles, adapting the software after direct user interaction and expert feedback. Wiremind Cargo offers perfection in evolution since we are continuously and dynamically adapting our products to changing industry requirements."

Launched in 2022, Wiremind Cargo is the cargo arm of the Wiremind Group, founded in 2014. Wiremind Cargo is positioned in the field of freight with experts entirely dedicated to the needs of the industry and the development of dedicated tools.

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