Emirates SkyCargo, the air freight division of Emirates, has listed out the top five commodities - flowers, chocolates, perfumes, watches and gadgets - transported for Valentine's Day.

Dennis Lister

"Emirates SkyCargo is an important facilitator of cross-border trade and commerce across the world," says Dennis Lister, Vice President, Cargo Commercial Development, Emirates SkyCargo. "However, on a more individual level, we also play a role in spreading joy in people's lives. During the two or three weeks leading up to Valentine's, we always see a sharp increase in the transport of popular gifts for Valentine's Day such as flowers, perfumes and chocolates. We take our commitment to delivering smiles around the world very seriously."

Flowers: Flowers, and roses in particular, are by far the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day. In January 2022, more than 3,000 tonnes of flowers were flown by Emirates SkyCargo, freshly harvested from farms in Kenya, Ecuador, Colombia, Ethiopia and other countries. "A majority of the flowers are first flown to the Netherlands, home to the world's largest flower auction market, and then redistributed to other global markets. "

Chocolates: Brussels, Zurich and Düsseldorf are the main European points where chocolates are loaded on Emirates' flights ahead of Valentine's Day. "Closer home, Beirut is also a major exporter of chocolates catering to markets in the Middle East."

High-end perfumes: Over the last week of January alone, Emirates SkyCargo moved more than 200 tonnes of high-end perfumes from cities in France, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands to the rest of the world, just in time to stock retail shelves ahead of Valentine's Day.

Watches, jewellery: High-end watches, jewellery and accessories are also favoured gifting options for special occasions. Between mid-January and early-February, there is a marked increase in the volume of high-end watches and other accessories that are shipped on Emirates' flights. Zurich, Geneva and Hong Kong are the main points of origin for watches that are then distributed to the rest of the world. Last year, Emirates SkyCargo transported more than 1,200 tonnes of high end watches in January and February.

Electronic gadgets: Last, but not the least, electronic gadgets, and especially items such as mobile phones, are also in high demand as gift items for Valentine's Day with shipments witnessing a rush in the last few days to Valentine's Day. In the two week period leading up to Valentine's Day, Emirates SkyCargo flew more than 1,500 tonnes of electronic gadgets from manufacturing destinations in Asia to consumer markets across the world.

The air cargo carrier transports more than 250,000 pieces of cargo each day including vital commodities including life-saving medicines.

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