Francis Antony, Group Head, Commercial Cargo, Teleport notes that freighters and palletised capacity are the two missing components in the cargo strategy of the Malaysia-based AirAsia Group in an interview given to STAT Media Group’s Principal Correspondent Libin Chacko Kurian during air cargo Europe in Munich.

He not only wants to fill these missing links by onboarding new A321 freighters, and tieing up with cargo airlines but also wants to expand his current market share in Southeast Asia, India, China, and Asia Pacific and expand to newer markets including Africa.

In May 2023, teleport announced the signing of MoUs with Indian cargo airline Pradhaan Air Express and African cargo airline Astral Aviation. While Teleport wants to expand to the African market with the Astral deal, it is the absence of palletised capacity to and from India that led to the deal with Pradhaan Air Express.

Antony also pointed out the absence of Teleport’s palletised capacity to Hong Kong, Hanoi, and Saigon and explained how freighters can change the dynamics.

He also speaks about the importance of the Chinese market and how he wants to tap it all over again. Watch the video interview to find out the types of cargo Teleport plans to carry which includes e-commerce, dangerous goods, odd-sized cargo and how the new A321 freighters will help them carry those.

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