Qatar Airways Cargo is announcing the relaunch of its mail product in recognition of World Post Day.

As part of the relaunch, the product offers a comprehensive suite of customisable services designed for both traditional and hybrid postal modes – Express Mail, Priority Mail, Standard Mail and Empty Mail Receptacles, says an official release. "The mail product meets the stringent regulatory standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU)."

One of the enhancements for the product includes 100 percent electronic data interchange (EDI) that is rolled out at over 110 stations with all stations equipped with handheld android scanners, the release added. "Traditionally serving one customer per origin based on their unique post office identification (IMPC) code, the carrier’s mail product can now cater to the requirements of targeted agents across the network. This allows Qatar Airways Cargo to accept mail shipments from multiple customers from the same origin, regardless of the IMPC code used."

Miguel Rodriguez Moreno, Head, Cargo Products, Qatar Airways says: "Our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in airfreight services is at the heart of this new mail product. With our extensive global network spanning over 160 destinations including more than 70 freighter destinations, our aim is to provide a comprehensive solution. We are also fully prepared to facilitate paper-free initiatives for postal authorities when electronic CN/CP documents are available. Combined with hassle-free billing and reconciliation through IATA PASS and PARIS as well as swift ramp transfers in Doha, we are confident that our mail product will deliver exceptional value to our customers."

With a dedicated airmail facility in Doha, spanning 4,900 square metres and daily handling capacity of up to 500 tonnes, equivalent to 15,000 mailbags per day, Qatar Airways Cargo offers customers state-of-the-art technology, advanced tracking solutions and EDI capabilities at over 110 stations. "These advancements allow the carrier to seamlessly share Response to Documents International Transport advice (RESDITs) for critical milestones during a mailbag's journey. The facility is also equipped with inhouse screening facility, advanced x-ray scanners, explosive detection dog (EDD) and explosive trace Detection (ETD) capabilities."

The airline’s freighter fleet includes two Boeing 747-8 freighters, two Boeing 747-400 freighters, 26 Boeing 777 freighters and one Airbus A310 freighter, the release added.

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