Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI) announced its plan to build a multi-bay modification facility to be dedicated to widebody aircraft modifications, maintenance and passenger to freighter ("P2F") conversions.

In connection with this effort, Saudia has awarded to Mammoth Freighters an order for seven Boeing 777 P2F conversions, plus an option to purchase five additional conversions. While the initial conversions are expected to be performed at Mammoth's U.S. facility, SAEI plans to convert additional Saudia Airline Boeing 777 300ER aircraft at the SAEI modification center.

"Built as a greenfield investment, the SAEI modification facility will empower the country with a crucial lever to vertically integrate its capacity to create additional air freight capacity," reads the release.

In line with Vision 2030's logistics hub and industrial development strategies, the modification centre is a key lever to develop the industrial capability to develop advances in manufacturing, engineering and aircraft modification capabilities. In addition, to the aircraft conversion requirement, the P2F project will require advanced structural component manufacturing and installation. This manufacturing capability will create a further increase in capabilities and employment.

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