'Safety is everybody's business!'

Staying true to the spirit of this saying, this March we are taking a moment and flagging off a series called 'Safe To Fly' where we will shine a light on the growing need for the world to come together to ensure the safe passage of Lithium Battery shipments on aircraft.

Too often the issue of Lithium shipments grabs the headlines for the wrong reasons and with this series, our endeavor is to begin a conversation on actionable insights that can help the aviation industry avoid future accidents that threaten the very safety mandate it swears by. Why should discussions on safety be pushed to the back until a tragic event happens? The buck stops with us!

Every day this week, we will be asking tough questions to some of the top leaders from the air cargo industry who will give their take on how the industry can work together to ensure safer lithium shipments.

For this important topic we will be talking to Glyn Hughes, Director General of The International Air Cargo Association(TIACA), Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo of Qatar Airways, Edwin Boon, Cargo Operational Safety Manager & Dangerous Goods Policies at AFKLMP Cargo, David Brennan, Assistant Director Cargo Safety & Standards, IATA, and Dmitriy Kulish, Director for Hi-tech and Automotive, Volga-Dnepr Group.

Starting today we will be publishing one such conversation every day for a week. Also, catch our in-depth special report on Lithium shipments that will appear on the website on March 4th, 2022.

With 'Safe To Fly', Logistics Update Africa hopes to bring together voices from the air cargo industry to speak on the safe passage of Lithium battery shipments and widen the ambit of safety to a collaborative one.

The series will be among the first from our year-long coverage on Dangerous Goods shipments by the global air cargo industry and we have made a beginning with a conversation on safe Lithium battery shipments.

Do not miss our coverage!

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