Apr 3, 2019: The Swiss-based manufacturer of temperature-controlled containers for pharmaceuticals, SkyCell, and Air France KLM Martinair (AFKLMP) Cargo will be expanding their existing collaboration. Therefore, both companies have announced a global collaboration to work more closely together on existing and future business in the logistics of pharmaceuticals.

"Air France KLM Martinair Cargo is a pioneer in pharma airfreight services and has an extensive network. With a shared vision of innovation in the supply chain of temperature-sensitive products, our collaboration will ensure that consumers are guaranteed a safe and sustainable service. We will also further improve our services through SkyCell's data-driven approach," said Richard Ettl, CEO of SkyCell.

Both, SkyCell and Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, are quality-driven companies, constantly pushing for innovation and better services for their clients. AFKLMP Cargo serves over 241 destinations and has one of the largest networks in the world. Transparency throughout the shipment's journey is one of the key points where AFKLMP Cargo & SkyCell are in close collaboration in order to deliver real-time data to their customers.

"Air France KLM Martinair Cargo values of transparency, innovation, and care match the values of SkyCell. We are both committed to providing the highest quality standards to our clients in the most transparent and innovative way. SkyCell is driven by technological innovation in pharma transport technology and that is why we want to work very close together," said Enrica Calonghi, global head of pharmaceutical logistics at AFKLMP Cargo.

In a recent transport of temperature-sensitive vaccines by AFKLMP Cargo, two SkyCell containers were used, SkyCell 1500c and SkyCell 2500c, set at a temperature of 5 Celsius. The precious cargo from a leading British pharma company was transported successfully from Rome-Fiumicino to Washington Dulles International Airport without any temperature excursions and in due time in order to deliver medicines through the US.

AFKLMP Cargo and SkyCell are looking forward to rolling out their collaboration to the global AF KLM network with the goal of enabling pharmaceutical companies to benefit from the global network and eliminate temperature excursions. SkyCell has been a leading manufacturer of temperature-controlled containers for pharmaceuticals, offering the safest logistics service within the pharmaceuticals industry. It is already the fourth largest container company in air freight and represents the largest fleet of the internet of things (IoT) plugged-in containers in the world.

SkyCell's outstanding quality was just recently verified by one of the international audit companies. In their study, the auditors scrutinised and audited all SkyCell shipment results of the last 12 months. According to the results of the study, temperature excursions happened only during 0.1 percent of the transports with a SkyCell container.

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