Sep 06, 2018: Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (AFKLMP) has started to offer customers the option of using active tracking devices on its flights from this week onwards. This will enable them to track their shipments more precisely.

Christophe Boucher, senior vice president sales & distribution at AFKLMP, “Our aim is to support our customers in using end-to-end tracking solutions throughout the journey of their shipment. This forms part of our digital journey, expressed in the services we wish to offer our customers.” Customers place the tracking devices in their shipment before acceptance and take them out again after delivery at the final destination. The devices are capable of sending data through telecom or other networks, providing GPS location and sensor data (temperature, humidity, shock/tilt and light). The use of active tracking devices on board of our flights is subject to specific conditions and the devices must be approved by AFKLMP.

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