September 24, 2019: Air Namibia, the national airline of Namibia, has declared that there has been no official decision taken by the government or the board to close the national carrier.

The Windhoek-headquartered carrier's interim CEO Xavier Masule said in a statement issued to the stakeholders that there is also no pending application for the liquidation of Air Namibia by end of September 2019 as reported in the media.

"Air Namibia shall continue to fly as per the published schedule for the foreseeable future," he said.

The statement was issued in regards with the news reported on September 20 by The Namibian, on the airline urging the country's government to provide NAD 1.6 billion ($109 million) in emergency financial support by the end of this month, or else it could shut down. However, the ministry of works and transport has rejected the request from the carriers' board.

According to Masule, the airline is receiving assistance from its shareholders as per the budgetary provision and allocation as announced at the beginning of the current financial year.

"Air Namibia was established with the mandate of providing air transport services, to promote tourism and encourage business investment in Namibia. The airline has been meeting this objective optimally," he added.

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