September 29, 2021: For the first time ever, Air Seychelles Cargo in collaboration with Mahe Shipping Company, a freight forwarding company in Seychelles, and its partner Freight and Transit Company in Mauritius, handled an exceedingly large cargo transhipment from sea to air freight.

Delivered at Air Seychelles Cargo in a 40 feet container, over 4 tonnes of fabrics transported by sea to Seychelles originating from Madagascar, was transhipped by Mahe Shipping Company for onward dispatch by air via Doha to the most populous city in the US state of Texas, Houston.

Juliette Pascal, head of cargo operations at Air Seychelles, said, “For this new facilitation, we are indeed amazed by the collective efforts of all stakeholders and staff members across the business for their assistance. This new movement of international transshipment has not only given impetus significance to Air Seychelles Cargo, but it has also shown the capabilities of the team in going the extra mile to meet the needs of customers.”

To facilitate the connection of this traffic, Mahe Shipping and Air Seychelles also gathered the support of all stakeholders including the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority and Seychelles Revenue Commission to ensure smooth operations throughout.

Andy Gobine, head of project cargo and sea freight export at Mahe Shipping who led the exercise, noted the success in how the cargo was handled and the manner in which Seychelles can facilitate such transshipment in the future.

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