May 17, 2019: As of May 21, 2019, Air Seychelles will be transporting a total of 1.9 tonnes of postal mail including small packages from South Africa to Seychelles.

The 138 mailbags weighing 1918 kilogrammes with some mail dating back to January 2019 will be transported by an A320 aircraft following support extended to both the Seychelles Postal Services and South African Post Office to uplift the mail as normal cargo.

Juliette Pascal, manager cargo handling and performance of Air Seychelles explained, "The Seychelles Postal Services has been facing several challenges with the South African Post Office with the shipment of mail and small packages to Seychelles due to difficulty in the screening of all the mail by the South African post. To facilitate the process and to further support the Seychelles Postal services, Air Seychelles has accepted to transport the mails as cargo to enable the delivery of all the pending mail to the Seychelles Postal Services."

Alex Etienne, deputy chief executive officer of Seychelles Postal Services noted, "It had not been communicated formally to us about the specific challenges South African Post were facing only until recently. Fortunately, Air Seychelles has been a key partner in ensuring a positive finality and we extend our heartfelt thanks to them while we wait for these mailbags as of next week."

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