Nov 29, 2016: South African Airways Cargo (SAA Cargo), the airfreight division of South African Airways, has introduced a new pet lounge facility for domestic pets at Cargo OR Tambo International Terminal. The Pet Lounge started operating from October 1, 2016.

The lounge is specially designed for the pets’ comfort and safety, ensuring they experience a stress-free environment during their journey. In addition, the facility also minimises any environmental factors that are likely to cause distress. “This milestone is a welcome service enhancement and demonstrates our commitment to improving the handling of domestic pets. “We pride ourselves in providing a value-added service in an effort to cater for the needs of our customers,” said TleliMakhetha, SAA Cargo’s General Manager. Key and a priority for the pet-moving company like SAA is a peace of mind we give our customers through the nature of our service that assures them that they leave their pets in an animal-friendly environment. The Pet Lounge is manned by a specialised team who provides handling and co-ordination services, making sure every travelling pet enjoys the comfort and a hygienic environment while waiting to be escorted on board their flight. “The hands-on approach highlights our resolve to care about the welfare of live animals that are processed through SAA Cargo’s facilities,” said Makhetha. So far, the customers who have made use of the pet lounge have shown excitement and also complimented SAA Cargo on the new dedicated service for pets. This is without a doubt a value-added service and will contribute to customer satisfaction. “Well done to the entire operations team. SAA Cargo Pet Lounge is at your service,” said Makhetha.
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