December 30, 2020: Airlink is adjusting its schedule of early morning and evening departures so that customers can comply with the country’s new curfew with minimal disruption to their travel plans.

The changes will affect Airlink flights that were originally due to depart prior to 08:00 and arrive after 20:00. These will be rescheduled to depart as soon after 08:00 as possible, and where applicable to arrive before 20:00. In some instances, flights might be consolidated. These schedule adjustments will provide customers departing on morning flights with sufficient time to commute to airports and complete the necessary health, security and immigration checks without breaking the curfew. It will also enable passengers landing on evening flights to complete the arrival procedures and commute to their homes or accommodation by the 21:00 curfew.

“The well-being and safety of our customers, crew and staff is our priority. At the same time we want to provide continuity so that our customers reach their intended destinations and that markets across Southern Africa remain connected with positive economic consequences. Thanks to our stringent application and adherence to bio-security protocols, we have been able to demonstrate that flying is the safest way to travel and that we can continue to support and enable business, tourism and trade without spreading the coronavirus,” said Airlink managing director and chief executive Rodger Foster.

The adjusted schedule will apply at least until the 15th January 2021 when the South African government is due to review the efficacy of its adjusted Level 3 lockdown restrictions in slowing the rate of Covid-19 infections in hotspot areas.

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“We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused by these temporary, but necessary, adjustments,” said Mr Foster.

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