August 09, 2021: Airlink will resume direct flights between Johannesburg and Nampula from September 16, reviving business and tourism travel as well as vital air cargo transport between Mozambique’s northern capital and South Africa’s main commercial hub.

Airlink’s twice-weekly service on the route, which was suspended in March last year, since which time it has only been possible to reach the city from South Africa via Maputo or Nairobi.

“Given Nampula’s strategic importance as northern Mozambique’s key commercial centre for mining, agriculture and tourism, Airlink is proud and excited to have the opportunity to support and serve businesses in this region. By providing the crucial air connectivity we are able to play our part in promoting the development of critically important commercial, trade and economic ties between South Africa and Mozambique,” said Airlink CEO and managing director, Rodger Foster.

This service will be operated by modern Embraer aircraft and will provide travellers with seamless connectivity with Airlink flights across its comprehensive network of destinations within South Africa and throughout Southern Africa.

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