May 08, 2017: Hundreds of volunteers and local businesses in Bolton pitched in to co-ordinate and fund a shipment of food and clothing for the draught affected Djibouti.

The shipment, which was organised by the international Muslim aid organisation, the Al-Khair Foundation, is estimated to be worth £75,000.

The goods were packed into a 40-foot container that left Bolton at the end of April and will get to their destination next week.

It contains 200 uniforms, school bags, stationary and books for pupils at a school for disabled children, along with other clothing and food supplies.
Members of the Bolton Council of Mosques volunteered to act as donation collection points and worked to get the appeal out to the community.

The initiative is part of Al-Khair's East Africa appeal to take aid to Djibouti, which has limited natural resources and is at the mercy of the persistent drought and a failing economy.

Picture credit: theboltonnews

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