March 10, 2021: Airports Company South Africa (ASCA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with City of Tshwane in relation to the management and operations of Wonderboom airport, Pretoria.

The agreement was signed between CEO Mpumi Mpofu and the executive mayor of the City of Tshwane Randall Williams.

The MoU seeks to facilitate collaboration on compliance and technical aviation advisory, management, and the execution of identified projects at the City of Tshwane Wonderboom National Airport.

Mpofu stated, “Airports Company South Africa has evolved over the years building requisite skills and core competencies covering amongst others: airport property development; airport planning and design; aviation quality, safety, and security; operations management; facilities and infrastructure maintenance.”

Apart from general aviation activities, Wonderboom airport is a training ground for hundreds of pilots across the country. Training activities account for 70 percent of the total airport traffic, with maintenance, flight charters, recreational flying, fly-overs, and private flying constituting the remaining 30 percent of the traffic mix.

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