Sep 07, 2018: Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings will operate a second 747-400F for the cargo arm of South Korea-based Asiana Airlines, Asiana Cargo.

Operations for this second aircraft was built on the trans-Pacific aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance (ACMI) deal - Atlas and Asiana made in February 2017, under which Atlas operates a 747-400F on trans-Pacific routes between South Korea and destinations in the United States.

As per Atlas, like the first ACMI-leased 747-400F, this second freighter will operate between South Korea and several US destinations. The aircraft is scheduled to enter service this month. Asiana also operates four 747-400 production freighters, seven 747-400BDSFs, and one 767-300ERF.

Carriers have been especially keen to add to their trans-Pacific capacity recently to get ahead of seasonal demand before additional tariffs are imposed between the US and China. In another transaction, Atlas acquired a 747-400F (ex-EVA Air), which will enter service with the Atlas subsidiary carrier Polar Air Cargo, operating on behalf of DHL. This leaves EVA with just three 747-400s, two 747-400BDSFs, and one 747-400F left in its fleet. The last production freighter is in maintenance and has not flown since August 7, 2018.

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