July 24, 2019: Freight forwarder Flexport has shifted its transpacific air charter operation to Atlas Air from Western Global Airlines.

The company has executed the plan from July 8 without a single flight being missed.

As per the sources, production freighters B747-400 offered by Atlas are able to carry an extra 10 tonnes of cargo per flight, which equates to an increase in capacity of around 9 percent compared with the previous operation.

Flexport first launched twice-weekly scheduled flights between Hong Kong and Los Angeles in April 2018 through a three-year deal with Western Global. At the time, the company said that the move would allow it to control freight from end-to-end at a fair and predictable rate as well as guaranteed capacity.

In late 2017, the forwarder had chartered capacity as it sought to beat capacity constraints caused by a peak season rush.

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