Astral Aerial Solutions, an affiliate of Astral Aviation, announces a strategic partnership with Seedballs Kenya that provides indigenous tree and grass seeds in a biochar ball that is both protective and nutritious.

"On Monday 21st April 2022, we had the opportunity to present aerial seeding technology to the Ministry of Forestry and Environment, & the Cabinet Secretary (C.S) Keriako Tobiko," reads Astral Aerial's LinkedIn post.

Astral Aerial Solutions and Seedballs Kenya have developed a game-changing solution for precision ecological restoration of indigenous trees and grasses. Using aerial seeding drones, the seeding locations in the region are geo-tagged for recording, monitoring, and seed tracking.

"Till date, we think that this strategic cooperation is the most effective strategy to achieve significant reforestation in Kenya," says Astral Aerial in the post.

The LinkedIn post also explains how this will work. The seeds are covered in charcoal dust to prevent animals from eating them while they are stored until natural processes such as rainfall naturally remove the coating. As a result, the growth process is triggered. One Seedball also costs 10% (landed) of the price of a standard seedling, giving it a 10:1 potential impact.

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