Neutral Air Partner (NAP) welcomes IAG Cargo, the cargo branch of International Airlines Group (IAG), as an airline partner, with the goal of assisting its members in growing their businesses and expanding collaboration in all areas related to air cargo operations.

IAG Cargo and NAP will collaborate on numerous efforts to benefit small and medium-sized forwarders as part of the collaboration. IAG Cargo serves critical markets such as Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

"SME Forwarders and consolidators represent over 45 % of the global airfreight volumes and our network is comprised of leading and independent air cargo sales agents and consolidators worldwide. Through our NAP Global Airline Partner Programme, we aim to significantly increase our cargo volumes to IAG Cargo, and to access cargo capacity on key trade lanes. We are confident that working together with partners like IAG cargo will drive direct value to our global customer base", said Christos Spyrou, CEO, NAP.

Darren Peak, Head of Sales, at IAG Cargo added: "Small businesses are a core part of the supply chain, and an important part of our business. They play a vital role in our communities and I am delighted that we are partnering with NAP to provide support to the wider SME market.

"We are proud to partner with organisations like NAP to enable SME businesses to gain access to our extensive network, industry knowledge and specialized products, as well as our loyalty programme – FORWARD.REWARDS."

NAP will propose its aims during the NAP 6th AGM and conference, which will be held on September 19th-23rd, 2022, at the Ritz Carlton Bali, Indonesia. IAG Cargo will provide a keynote address during the event.

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