October 12, 2017: Bahri Data, one of the six business units within Bahri, a global leader in transportation and logistics, and DNV GL, the world’s leading classification society and recognised advisor for the maritime industry, has entered into a partnership.

The agreement has been signed to co-develop and jointly leverage their BigData capabilities for safety, quality and compliance innovation. The partnership will bring data scientists from the two companies together to innovate using their BigData capabilities and platforms.

The contract laying the framework for the partnership, was signed in Hamburg, Germany, in the presence of Anwar Siddiqui, president of Bahri Data, Per Helge Pedersen, president of Bahri Ship Management, Albrecht Grell, executive vice president of Digital Solutions and Innovation at DNV GL– Maritime, and Geir Fuglerud, area manager Middle East at DNV GL– Maritime. Data scientists from both companies are working on a prototype of a solution to make safety and quality decisions more insightful and easier to perform from the perspective of an owner, a vessel operator, a charterer, a port authority operator, and a regulator. An early prototype targeting owners/operators and charterers in a first instance will be unveiled on November 8 at the Bahri Data Forum in Dubai.

As part of the partnership, data scientists from Bahri Data and Veracity, DNV GL’s dedicated industry data platform, will lead efforts to drive innovative industry-wide initiatives to bolster safety, security, quality, and compliance frameworks in the global fleet. The solution will help charterers, regulators, and port authorities see key parameters of a vessel’s safety and quality status and historical background, thus allowing all stakeholders to work together to improve safety and quality goals.

“This collaboration provides both Bahri Data and DNV GL’s Veracity platform with an important opportunity to combine our industry-leading expertise in Big Data and Advanced Analytics in shipping, oil and gas, and marine services with Veracity’s innovative and advanced data-assessment capabilities to drive long-term value. These collaborations are remarkable enablers of growth for the sector, allowing global players to continuously innovate, stay ahead of industry trends, and implement best practices that will enable us to further improve our services and optimise performance,” said Anwar Siddiqui.

“Our partnership with Bahri represents the synergy of two BigData pioneers committed to using data-driven insights to drive innovation in the industry.As a global leader, Bahri brings a deep knowledge of the sector, which – combined with our platform Veracity’s cutting-edge data-management capabilities – will enable the development and implementation of groundbreaking solutions to create a wider positive impact,” said Albrecht Grell.

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