In the recent Logistics Performance Index published by the World Bank, Ghana ranked 88th and surprised the world with statistically significant change in LPI ranking. Halit Anlatan, Cargo VP, Sales & Marketing, Turkish Cargo speaks to Logistics Update Africa and reveals the potential that it sees in Ghana's air cargo industry. Ghana is the second major gateway in West Africa after Nigeria.

IATA recently reported flat line freight growth for African carriers. What is the potential that you see in Ghana's air cargo industry now and in the coming years?

Generally, Ghana is a good country for perishables. European customers' demand for perishables from Ghana will increase. We see Ghana perishables exports will grow and mainly imports of electronics coming from China and Hong Kong to this destination.

How has plunging oil prices impacted air cargo industry?

There are no big effects in 2016. Mainly the demands and capacities are the major factors deciding the price of air cargo. This year the capacity increased around 4 percent but the demand is less than the last year. Otherwise you won't get the cargo from the shippers. In England, there are some new customs procedures. Because of that, Ghana's perishable export to London has decreased in Q1 2016. If customs are not flexible to the customer, then you lose cargo.

What according to you are the challenges faced by ground handlers?

Two years ago, we had problems with Nigerian handlers. So many imports come into Nigeria, cargo has wait for the customs clearance for a longer duration. Because of this, we had problems with Nigerian handlers.

Which country is a major crucial trade partner for Ghana, West Africa?

Considering domestic region, it is Nigeria and considering the world, three countries are crucial: Netherlands, England and Germany.

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