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Saudia Cargo has been continuously enhancing its product offerings and quality of service to its customers for pharma, perishables and dry goods. Pharma has been a significant category for the carrier depending on the customer's requirement of various degrees of temperature in pharma shipment Saudia Cargo is using the latest technology to offer temperature-controlled pharma shipment.

Saudia Cargo has invested on specialised containers with varying temperatures suited for goods being transported. At the biennial Air Cargo Europe, part of Transport Logistic show in Munich, Saudia Cargo demonstrated its latest products and services particularly for the logistics of pharma and other perishables. Handling critical cargo is among Saudia Cargo's specialities having been based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the weather can be extremely hot during certain months of the year.

Nabil Khojah, CEO of Saudia Cargo, said the company unilaterally decided to adopt the new booth concept to show its capabilities to handle different types of cargo, particularly time sensitive and delicate ones. "Quality and safety are paramount in our operations, and we make sure that our customers get the best value for their money, hence, we have invested heavily in equipment that best serves their interest," said Khoja.

Rainer Mueller, Executive Director Commercial of Saudia Cargo, said there is no escaping technology in the digital age, and by embracing it, customers will benefit more in terms of speed, reliability and accuracy.

On getting either IATA CEIV certification or GDP certification Rainer Mueller, Executive Director Commercial of Saudia Cargo said that the team is working on the same and, according to him, the certification will be completed in stages and the first stage will be over in the next six months. "In our case, we have to get certified not only as an airline but also as operator of three hubs spread across Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah.

Saudia Cargo ranks among the world's leading specialist airfreight carriers. An independent company since 2008, it offers customised services multiple freighter destinations with its fleet of modern freighters. It also operates using the cargo bay of Saudi Arabian Airlines' 126 wide-body passenger aircraft plying across 52 destinations in 4 continents.

Saudia Cargo is renowned for its multi-specialized cargo handling – from charter use, large industrial shipment, to horse transport and pharmaceutical logistics. Saudia Cargo's fleet consists of B747-8F, B747-400/ERF, B747-400B CF and B777F aircraft. With the current logistics and infrastructure, Saudia Cargo's mission complements the Saudi government's Vision 2030 programme.

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