Jun 29, 2017: Boeing has announced an expansion of the enterprise responsibilities of Greg Smith, currently the company's chief financial officer and of Corporate Development and Strategy.

Starting from July, Smith, 51, will serve as the chief financial officer and executive vice president of Enterprise Performance and Strategy, adding a range of duties focused on ensuring strong and consistent business performance, continued achievements in innovation and corporate functional excellence.

"This is an evolution of Greg's already substantial and impactful role within our company. In addition to being responsible for financial management, corporate development and overall company strategy, Greg will oversee and drive key cross-enterprise performance levers that are critical to achieving our growth and performance aspirations and to running our company better and more competitively every day," said Dennis Muilenburg, Chairman, President and CEO, Boeing.

Muilenburg added that the planned retirements later this year of Vice Chairman Ray Conner and Senior Vice President of Program Management, Integration and Development Programs Scott Fancher created a window to consolidate a range of performance-based enterprise efforts under Smith.

Among the responsibilities that will shift to Smith in the months ahead is oversight of the integration and execution of the company's new three business unit strategy. Which includes the launch of Boeing Global Services, acceleration of company-wide innovation, productivity and market-based affordability projects; and leadership of a new talent management system for identifying, developing and deploying general managers and program managers.

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