June 5, 2019: Bolloré Logistics announced its Real Time Monitoring offer based on intelligent data processing at the Transport Logistic exhibition in Munich, Germany.

Real Time Monitoring is based on the Internet of Things and intelligent data processing which offers real-time monitoring of end-to-end shipments. The technology also comes with a proactive alert management system to preserve the integrity of the goods being transported.

An on-board sensor collects data such as location, temperature, hygrometry, brightness and possible shocks along the supply chain and enables analysis in real time. Dedicated teams have access to this data which is centralised on a digital platform. They analyse it and alert customers in case of any deviation, but also prevent and correct them through dedicated continuity plans.

The service is customisable depending on the nature of the products, mode of transport, industry, sector or country of origin and destination. It also includes real-time transport plans for greater efficiency and better monitoring of operations.

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