March 29, 2018: The Castel Group, which operates out of Benin through its subsidiary, Société Béninoise de Brasseries (SOBEBRA) has called on Bolloré Logistics Benin to handle all customs clearance formalities and local logistics for the modernization of its production plant.

As part of its growth strategy, the French company, which produces and sells beverages (beers, sparkling drinks, water) is aiming to modernize its production plant by adding two new tanks (TOD) to the production line.
Upon their arrival in the Port of Cotonou, the two tanks were loaded onto two tank transporters with help from two cranes. The tank transporters and cranes weighed 90 and 45 tons respectively. Two pickups were also mobilized to help transport the two tanks, each weighing 17.4 tons, over 3 km of sometimes difficult roads from the Port of Cotonou to the site. The two tanks are nearly 17 meters long, with a width and height of 5 meters, for a total volume of 452 cubic meters each. They were unloaded from the tank transporters at the SOBEBRA loading dock.
A logistics manager, a supervisor, and two drivers from Bolloré Logistics managed all aspects of the loading operations. In addition, in order to demonstrate the particularities and difficulties on the transport route, a route survey was jointly performed by SOBEBRA’s dedicated staff and our teams for the entire distance from the Port of Cotonou to the customer's site. Our teams also worked to obtain authorization from the National Land Transport Agency (ANATT – Agence Nationale des Transports Terrestres) of Benin so that the heavy lift out of gauge cargo could take the bridge that crosses the Cotonou Lagoon.
To ensure security for the convoy, an escort was provided by the national police of Benin. Our local QHSE teams played an active part in this operation involving the transport of heavy loads. Lastly, the SOBEBRA also called on the Société Béninoise d’Energie Electrique (SBEE), the national electric company, in case of any electric lines blocking the route, given the significant height of the loads.
Following the operation, the general management of SOBEBRA expressed their great satisfaction with all of the exceptional measures taken by the teams of Bolloré Logistics Benin to transport and deliver this equipment within the time allotted.

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