Apr 19, 2017: Bolloré Transport & Logistics delivered 365 Wind Turbine Generators at the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project. Bolloré Transport & Logistics was contracted to provide customs clearance and logistics service for Lake Turkana Wind Power Project.

The Project began in March 2016 and took around 360 days to deliver 365 Wind Turbine Generators which is 5 days before the scheduled completion date.

​The project involved customs operations, vessel discharge and transportation of Wind Turbine Generators from the port of Mombasa to the project site in Loiyangalani District, Marsabit West County, located 1,220 km from Mombasa.

The highly sensitive shipments were massive in weight and size and required specialised equipment to handle. To reach those requirements, Bolloré Logistics invested in heavy assets including 40 extendable trailers, 60 6x4 trucks, and 20 low loader trailers, all with air suspension as well as specialised cranes.

Jason Reynard, Regional CEO for East Africa, Bolloré Transport & Logistics, said, "Our fleet of trucks and trailers successfully made 1,340 trips from Mombasa, covering 3,320,000 km over a period of 360 days to deliver the 365 Wind Turbine Generators. All this was done with zero accidents or lost time injury reported."

A team of 200 operators were dedicated to the project, including 31 persons specifically hired from the communities around Loiyangalani. A total of 373,700 man hours were spent on the project since September 2015, and no lost time injuries were reported.

Once complete, the Lake Turkana Wind Farm is set to become Africa's largest wind power plant, providing an additional 310 MW of power to Kenya's supply grid, enough energy to power an additional 1 million Kenyan households.

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