November 20, 2020: Bollore Logistics has completed the unloading, handling and inland delivery of the components of the Goldwind Moorabool wind farm in Australia, the operation taking slightly over one year.

The equipment was transported by sea from the manufacturing sites in China to the Port of Geelong in Victoria State and then by road to the two wind-farm sites located 70 kilometres north of the port.

Thibault Janssens, Pacific director of Bollore Logistics, said, “It is a testament of our staff’s expertise and professionalism that we managed to successfully complete this operation and achieve another milestone in the execution of complex and oversized projects. Consistent with our CSR vision, this new achievement also reflects our determination to support our customers in their sustainable-development projects.”

The project, initiated in March 2019, required the mobilisation of the Bollore Logistics teams in China and Australia. Owing to the exceptional dimensions of the components, including 69-metre curved blades (around five times longer than a standard semi-trailer and among the longest currently in use at a wind farm worldwide), specialised transport equipment solutions were devised, such as extendable trailers used to transport the blades through tight and hard-to-access spaces.

The teams worked closely with COSCO on the maritime transport, making a total of 13 voyages, each one carrying approximately 50,000 freight tonnes, or over 1,100 oversized parcels. Inland delivery was carried out by Ares Transport. The shipments were meticulously planned and organised in compliance with the regulations of the Victorian authorities, deliveries being permitted at night only, amid minimal traffic.

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