June 18, 2019: Bollore Logistics Canada has signed an agreement for forming a consortium with J2 Procurement Management Inc. and Groupe Robert, which is active in handling, transportation and warehousing at the 53rd Paris Air Show at Le Bourget.

The partnership between Bollore Canada and these two companies specialised in the aeronautics and aerospace sector aims to facilitate the establishment of subcontractors seeking to enter the Canadian market by providing them with customised logistics support. The consortium will also be able to respond to mandates relating to the assembly of aircraft from major customers in the aeronautics industry.

As part of the consortium, J2 will be tasked with optimising communication and order tracking with suppliers, from initial contact through to the final production line. Groupe Robert will be responsible for inventory management, the warehousing of parts and their delivery to assembly or warehouse sites, in line with needs. Bollore Logistics will supervise the management of order flows, international transport, the delivery of goods, and customs clearance. The company will also act in governance mode for projects involving international businesses and will serve as the main contact point for the three partner companies.

Bollore Logistics, which is operating in Canada since 1976, aims to capitalise on the strategic cooperation initiatives already established with Groupe Robert and J2 to extend its expertise. This applies particularly to Mirabel in Quebec Province, where Groupe Robert holds a strong position in the aerospace market, with a total warehousing area of 100,000 square metres, and the J2 consulting firm boasts in-depth knowledge of the market and local aeronautics subcontractors.

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