June 15, 2021: Bollore Logistics Morocco and Bollore Logistics Spain team quickly developed a logistics plan for the US Army Southern European Task Force – Africa (SETAF-AF) that allowed European drivers from Italy to transfer the military cargo to Moroccan carriers in Barcelona.

Following the trailers transfer, the team coordinated road transport to Algecrias, ferry transport to Tanger-Med, and road transport and equipment download for multiple training locations in Morocco. By delivering the cargo on time, Bollore Logistics ensured the multi-national training exercise would execute as planned.

This year, the SETAF-AF was in search of options after their ocean carrier was unable to deliver cargo from Italy to Morocco as planned.

Annually, the US military participates in multiple training exercises with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and African partner nation forces to enhance readiness and build partnerships in the region. The largest training exercise is African Lion. African Lion 2021 involved over 7,000 personnel from nine nations, training in Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal.

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