April 26, 2019: Bollore Transport & Logistics officially opened the doors of its B.Lab Center in Puteaux, France on April 12. The new 500 square metre location aims at developing new solutions to accelerate the digitisation of the supply chain by associating the customers of the company in the process from creative ideation to their implementation.

The B.Lab center relies on the B.Lab global network company and on a worldwide innovative ecosystem. These innovation initiatives are led by four technologies - blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things and will allow offering better visibility on the supply chain with real-time piloting, flow optimisation, and anticipation, and also the integration of warehouse automation to reach operational excellence.

Based on design thinking methodology, an approach focused on the need of the customers, the B.Lab Center is composed of different specific areas – ‘Reset’, zone of inspiration; ‘Innovation Factory’ where innovative digital solutions are tested; ‘Fab Lab - Warehouse & Retail’, maker space to build and experiment prototypes; and ‘Ideate’, modular room dedicated to co-creation workshops with clients and experts.

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