Dec 15, 2016: Bolloré Logistics South Africa has received a Top 10 global warehouse award, from Huawei, one of its top clients. The award is as a result of an annual survey conducted by the leading global ICT solutions provider, to determine their top performers in the warehousing category.

This year, for the first time, the award was awarded to the Huawei South African team. The survey included the Bolloré Pomona warehouse facility in Gauteng, which was placed 7th in the top 10 global warehouses for services provided during 2015.

Bolloré Logistics South Africa provides end-to-end, global supply chain solution to Huawei which includes transport, warehousing, pick & pack services, but also specific value added services which include racking, a return service, a FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) project of the supply and special cutting of cables as well as spare parts.

Bolloré Logistics South Africa improves its compliance standards on a daily basis, in order to adhere to the stringent Huawei global policies and service level agreements, through an efficient process of compliance checks, reporting and monitoring led by the control tower team.

By applying innovative ideas and delivering exceptional service, the teams have succeeded in achieving the local operational requirements while ensuring global compliance and excellence which maintain high KPIs set by Huawei.

“The success of the team, and ultimately the winning of this award, is mainly due to close coordination and cooperation of all involved parties, and since a strong strategic focus has been placed on high-end warehousing by Bolloré Logistics South Africa, we are very proud of this achievement,” says Mark Thompson, Gauteng Regional Director at Bolloré Logistics in South Africa.

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