January 16, 2018: Ziemann Holvrieka, a specialist in the manufacturing of industrial equipment for breweries has entrusted Bollore Logistics to transport 11 silos, along with their legs, and seven 40-foot containers of accessories. This was assigned to Bollore Logistics on behalf of Guinness Cameroon as part ramping up its production capacity. The consignment included a freight volume of 5,563 m3 weighing 347 tonnes, consisted mainly of out-of-gauge loads to be transported from Belgium to its final site located in Bassa.

Ziemann Holvrieka established a schedule with the teams at Bollore Logistics Cameroon and Belgium to ensure the successful completion of this operation. The local teams provided end-to-end service, managing the documentation upstream of the operation, as well as customs clearance formalities during the transfer.

From the port of Douala, the cargo was loaded onto two Lorries using a crane and a loader unit which was specially employed for unloading the containers. Transporting the out-of-gauge loads to their final destination in Bassa required a large escort of local police and officials from the electricity company (ENEO) to ensure safety, in view of the exceptional size of the cargo. Logistics management for such a major project required the prior involvement of the QHSE teams in order to the optimise road transport component.

Cooperation between Ziemann Holvrieka's teams and Bolloré Logistics Belgium and Cameroon made it possible for the equipment to be delivered on time.

Guinness Cameroon, a subsidiary of Guinness London, has been existing in Cameroon since 1967 with the creation of its first depot in Limbe, followed by the establishment of the factory in Douala in 1969. The company joined the DIAGEO group in 1997 following the merger of the latter with Guinness London. DIAGEO is the world leader in producing and marketing alcohols and spirits. The English group essentially produces spirits, but also produces beers such as Guinness.

In February 2017, Guinness Cameroon inaugurated their first portable production and bottling unit for spirits in Central Africa. After which, many innovations followed including: "Black & White", which was the first Scotch Whiskey to be bottled in Africa, and presented to the general public last September.

The group also invested in a new and ultra-modern production line in Cameroon, with the aim of enabling Guinness Cameroon to use high-quality technology to provide it consumers with a product of exceptional quality, and at affordable prices.