July 17, 2018: Bollore Transport & Logistics has recently entered into agreements with Banadir Gate, a logistics company in Somalia, and Ewan Technology Solutions, a transport corporation based in Eritrea. Bollore plans to expand its offering, increase the quality of its services and create new business opportunities.

Linked by a long-standing partnership, Bollore and Banadir Gate signed in June 2018 an exclusive agency agreement in order to strengthen their collaboration in Somalia. Both companies have already successfully completed several projects on behalf of large international institutions. Today, they continue to provide transport services for several NGOs in the country including foodstuffs and pharmaceutical materials.

In Eritrea, Bollore also signed a new agreement with Ewan, an exclusive agent of the Group since May 2018. Both companies, which had already worked together on transporting medical supplies from the United States, are currently working on other projects and intend to investigate new opportunities by building on the success of their operations.

"We are delighted to have closed these two contracts that will strengthen our presence in the Horn of Africa. Beyond pooling our skills, they will also let our clients benefit from our expertise in the management of corridors and integrated logistics. With the experiences of both the companies in their respective regions, we shall be able to increase the quality of our services and respond to the demands of our future clients,” said Jerome Petit, CEO, Bollore Logistics Africa.

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