December 05, 2020: Bollore Transport & Logistics has been awarded a contract to provide medical warehousing solutions to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency in Sudan. The one-year renewable contract entails provision of temperature-controlled warehousing of up to -23˚C which will be used for storage of medicine, medical supplies, and equipment.

To this end, Bollore Transport & Logistics has invested in an 800 square metres warehouse located in the New Industrial Area in Jebra, Khartoum in close proximity to the city's main airport. It comprises two different temperature zones of 15˚-25˚C and 25˚-30˚C, as well as a cold room with a temperature specification of -23˚C.

Omar Abdulhakim, directeur pays de Bollore Logistics AU Soudan, said, "We are very happy to pursue our collaboration with UNHCR and provide them with new healthcare dedicated solutions. As demonstrated by this project, Bollore Transport & Logistics is ready and able to speedily deploy medical cold chain solutions for any vaccination campaigns, with a global task force especially dedicated to the Coronavirus pandemic."

The warehouse condition is constantly monitored with sensors which send automated alerts in case of sudden changes in temperature. In addition, the warehouse is equipped with a 100KvA generator to ensure continuous electricity supply.

An expert in the global chain management, Bollore Transport & Logistics possesses a strong experience in multiple sectors including healthcare. The company was able to meet the UNHCR's requirements making all these provisions within the span of a few weeks before the project went live on 15th of November.

Bollore Transport & Logistics has been a supplier of UNHCR in Sudan since 2017, providing dry space management for the organisation's aid and relief goods and equipment.

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