Zipline, an American company that designs, manufactures and operates delivery drones, will deliver sandwiches, salads and more from Mendocino Farms in select locations from 2025.

With Zipline drone delivery, fans of Mendocino Farms will soon “Eat Happy” from home with fast, convenient delivery that keeps take-out just as tasty as dine-in, the official release said.

Zipline designed its P2 system to avoid delivering cold food due to a few wrong turns or bad traffic congestion. With Zipline, guests will place their favorite order and track its progress in real-time on their phone, the release added.

“Once the kitchen loads the order, the P2 Zip will take off and fly to their home hassle-free, with no traffic or disruptions. Just a few minutes later (under 10 minutes for deliveries 10 miles away), the Zip will arrive at its destination and hover safely and quietly high up in the sky and drop off its package to an area as small as a patio table or the front steps of a home.”

Kevin Miles, CEO, Mendocino Farms says: “There’s a lot of work that happens between when a guest orders their food and when they take that first delicious bite. By working with Zipline, we’re making it faster and more convenient to Eat Happy wherever you are. Zipline delivery provides an exceptional, sustainable experience we’re thrilled to bring to our guests.”

To enable the service, select Mendocino Farms stores will add Zipline docks which allow team members to load orders without leaving their station. “Zipline’s team worked closely alongside the restaurants to learn and understand workflows and build an efficient system that works seamlessly in even the busiest kitchens. The system is more convenient for staff than a drive-thru window and requires less training.”

In choosing to use Platform 2, Mendocino Farms joins other Zipline partners including sweetgreen, GNC, Cleveland Clinic, Michigan Medicine, OhioHealth, MultiCare Health Systems, Intermountain Health and Pagliacci Pizza, the release said.

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