• Cargo iQ will also focus on further engagement with independent forwarders to grow take-up of its SME solution.
  • The SME Solution was developed by third party IT provider Cargo Start.

April 07, 2021: Cargo iQ will increase its reach and coverage in 2021, testing new trucking milestones as part of its mission to measure 100 percent of shipments along its master operating plan (MOP), as discussed in its recent annual general meeting (AGM).

The group, which aims to create and implement quality standards for the worldwide air cargo industry, is working on new rules to prevent “unreportable” shipments along the MOP, Cargo iQ’s route map following the end-to-end journey of air cargo shipments.

Cargo iQ will also focus on further engagement with independent forwarders to grow take-up of its small and medium enterprise (SME) solution aimed at forwarders who work with member airlines on a small-scale or regional basis.

It enables a route map and status updates to be made available to the forwarder for individual consignments in line with the common business practices and milestones set out in the MOP.

“The last year has proven that the air cargo industry can rise to the occasion, now we should learn from what we have just been through and move from ambition to lived reality,” said Henrik Ambak, chair of Cargo iQ and SVP, cargo operations worldwide, Emirates SkyCargo.

“The next year will see us further push for 100 percent reporting, ensure we are the true quality management system that the industry uses to facilitate its commercial customer promise, and we must broaden and grow our membership, including with SMEs.”

The SME Solution already has three Cargo iQ users and was developed by third party IT provider Cargo Start, working with Cargo iQ use cases and reporting definitions for the airport-to-airport section of the MOP.

“Enabling independent freight forwarders to work with air cargo carriers is a benefit for the overall air cargo industry,” said Gianni Mauri, director business processes air cargo, Cargo Start.

Cargo iQ will continue pilot schemes for its Care Mapping and Product Parameter Projects in 2021.

The Care Mapping Pilot aims to develop tools and standards for planning and control, as well as for process, and evaluation of the conditions under which shipments move.

It will initially focus on pharmaceuticals, with other Special Care services, such as valuables, live animals, and perishables, being road-tested once the methodology has been finalised.

Under the Service Parameters Project, Cargo iQ is developing definitions for time-specific products, allowing members to better plan and control their shipments in line with time-definite promise to customers.

“We must ensure that we are keeping up with rapid developments in the industry so that our members have access to a single version of the truth and complete data that they can use to improve the quality of their services,” said Kerstin Strauss, Vice Chair of Cargo iQ and vice president, air logistics operations, global air logistics at Kuehne + Nagel Management AG

“Making that happen is the responsibility of every member and we are confident that by working together we can achieve our plans for the next two years.”

Cargo iQ executive director Ariaen Zimmerman said that despite a difficult twelve months, the group had adapted well to new working conditions, and Working Groups had pushed ahead with ongoing projects. “We launched more training than ever before, and the videos of those sessions are now online for members to learn from as a resource,” he said.

Seventy-two Cargo iQ members attended the AGM, which was held virtually for the second time.

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